DWI Defense

The most common mistake when faced with a DWI is talking too much. Don’t volunteer information or answer questions unless your lawyer is present. For instance, the police certainly will ask you if you have been drinking and how much. Do not lie to them, do not tell them anything. Simply say that you do not wish to answer and wish to remain silent until you can seek legal advice. They will argue with you and you will have to stick to your polite resolve. You must do what you are told, but you do not have to talk. This is very hard to do, the police are very good at making you nervous. Always ask if you are free to go and if they say yes, leave. If not, obey the officer, but be clear that you are not consenting but following orders.

Kirby Riffel practices exclusively DWI law and has handled thousands of these cases and he is asked to practice all over Arkansas.

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